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What is a break?

What is a Soccer Box Break?

A box break is an event in which a bunch of collectors/investors split a box(es) or case(s) of soccer cards.  Every single box break is streamed HERE

A box breaker is a person who breaks the boxes open for the participants.  They usually negotiate better pricing deals with their local card shop (LCS) or if they are large enough they may be able to buy direct from a distributor.  The breaker is the one who decides what format the breaks will be. 

How does a Soccer Box Break work?

You purchase your slots in a break and make payment. At the appointed time the breaker goes live. Usually, they give a brief update and if there are any randoms they do the random. If it’s a random break this is when you find out what teams or players you get in the break. This is all done via a web site like and done via the live stream to ensure everything is done fairly.

When the break starts usually the breaker will cut open the case or boxes so you can see that were sealed. They then break open the packs and stack the cards to the side.

Most breakers prefer to slowly go through the opened cards. They have their cams set up to show only the side of the card so they can build up anticipation and excitement for any big “hits”.  The big hits are usually displayed in the background while the break goes on so anyone that comes in late can see the big hits that have occurred.  Often times a breaker will have an Instagram so they can show any of their big hits there.

Depending on the breaker, they may ship cards within 24 hours.  They may ship within a week. Or you may have to request shipment once you’re ready. (Especially useful for international customers so they can batch shipments together and pay less in shipping/customs/fees.)

What formats of Soccer box/case break are there?

Generally, there are two main categories of soccer break. Pick Your Own or Random.  Within those two categories, you can usually have a random/pick a player or a random/pick a team.  There are also “serial” number breaks.

Pick Your Team Break (PYT)

Pick your team breaks work much like pick your player except that you can pick an entire team. You will receive all hits for that team. (You may not receive base.)

You will have a much higher chance of hitting a card since you have purchased an entire team rather than a specific player.

Random Player Break

You buy X number of spots in the break.  You receive X number of RANDOM players assigned to you.

Let’s say there are 200 players in the set. If you buy 1 spot then you have a 1/200 chance of getting any specific player in the set. Many of the players will be players you are not interested in.  However, because the cost is divided by 200 slots you’ll have a lower cost to enter.  You can usually buy more spots to increase your chances.

Random Team Break

This is similar to a random break except you get a random team. All the cards for that team will ship. It doesn’t matter which player as long as they are assigned to that team. (Again it depends on the break, your breaker may not ship the base cards.)

Some people enjoy gambling on random team breaks as they could get lucky and get a great team for a very low cost.

Breaking is Gambling! There is no guarantee you will receive cards. You are purchasing a chance to receive cards, not a guarantee to receive cards.

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